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Sustainability in camper conversion

Sustainability is a core value for us at Camper Schmiede, and we are determined to integrate this aspect into all our activities.

We are already paying more attention to resource-saving and environmentally friendly processes , both in production and in the products installed and the possible choice of vehicle. With regard to our product portfolio, we are striving to expand it to include innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. These include products and materials that are based on renewable energies or have multifunctional designs in order to optimize resource consumption.

Of course, we know that we are still at the beginning and can still improve a lot, but we are very excited to be working with our customers to create a sustainable future by offering innovative products and implementing environmentally friendly practices.

Sustainable products

Logo Plattenladen

Our good and close partner Sven Bauhaus from Plattenladen is doing a great job here! We get almost all the materials for the interior work (e.g. wood) from him.

Feel free to stop by Plattenladen and find out what they are already doing in terms of sustainability.

Trelino - Sustainable Toilets

In principle, composting toilets are predestined for the responsible use of resources. They are our first choice when it comes to sustainable toilets. In addition to their products, they also actively promote sustainable initiatives. They are committed to the responsible use of resources across all processes and take our environment into consideration.

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Do you want to build the GREEN CAMPER with us and be a pioneer in sustainable camper construction? Then get in touch now and plan this exciting project with us!
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